• Michaela


Have a care walking through doorways When you don't know what you'll find Through them may lie a world Hard to wrap around your mind Be wary when you ask for change But pursue growth when it's time And if you pull a Rip van Winkle You may come back crowned in white. Don't eat of faerie foodstuffs If you don't wish to stay Don't swill bottles labeled "drink me" Unless you're ready to change shape But if you feel restless, dear, And you know today's the day: Then step on through the mirror Wonderland awaits.

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I got a nosebleed considering a TikTok about spanking. Telling me to make a mistake So I can learn new things, spread my wings, Set myself free into the privilege of trying. And all at once I was back


I found I was a ghost town Filled with spirits of some who'd been before Landscape pitted with the robbery Of mustachioed men Whose faces stayed off posters Newsprint autobituaries halo them. I found


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