• Michaela


I am here to tell you

The God you were taught

Doesn't exist.

Isn't it more likely that a god of love,

Love itself, not what we worship but

The Divine Definition of Love

Inhabiting the space between stars,

Isn't it more likely that They are not shaped

In our image, and your words are merely

An approzimation?

That if we are made in Its image,

It is She as much as He

And all your indoctrinated excuses

Your "reasons", your special interpretations

Slanted in the favor of your value system

Masking a sexism that isn't so secret

A violent history that cannot be overlooked

All of these are

Tests to support a specific hypothesis

And invalid, ill, crippled thinking

Isn't it better that God is Love

And your religion has no more wisdom

Than any other fallible person

Trying to live well, to do no harm;

Isn't it better that you stop dodging

Responsibility and place it at the Feet of the God who IS?

Who was, is, will forever be

Above caring who we love, so long as we love.

Inside the truth and beauty we speak to each other.

Beyond walls, defenses, any division.

One Love.


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