• Michaela

The Cataclysm Righted

My world crumbling, my sky falling, my fears rising in rogue waves

The stars streak down and I among them, all my flaws displayed

Foolish, forlorn, misbegotten -- my head distraught with noise

Harsh words striking, plucking, burd'ning--spoken in my voice.

Through the static, swirling maelstrom a hand took hold of mine

And then was silence, then came stillness, and followed peace of mind.

His tone a song composed of starlight, each syllable chosen well

Promising a celestial voyage jointly steering our caravel

To sail through nebulae and see wonders nowhere else procured

To find one home, and share one name, and build something 'twill endure.

Thus were the winds of life there bound and bent to our banded will

Subsiding not, nor ever tamed, but billowing 'til our sails filled

Standing together at the helm, looking over our journeyed way

We're set to rove through thick spilled stars each dancing their own day


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