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Self as Home

Here lies the adventure of a lifetime

Wild and divine, the universal home

Of each soul's ancestry.

Do you smell it?

Do you take in that drifting, salted, honeyed air

And remember home is there?

Teeming with lives surrounding,

Lived since eons preceding the blink and flash of you

Looping through wide halls like the fresh and soothing wavesong

That sounds in greeting, tolling

On the top ere we enter,

Twirling into our depths as we watch the seafronds twisting

Glist'ning in a carpet green and royal

And lifting from the bed of sands, a new bouquet

A fragrance of matter's death, which feeds rebirthing

A banquet of meats all salted, pickled

Laid out with fruits from vast

Orchards growing among red bones

And the pearl of this great dwelling

Hid by driftwood gathered into shelter

Battened down with netting and other truck--

Because everything this place is given

It finds a place to tuck.

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