• Michaela

My Dayspring

Cold had grown my life, bitter ice and shorn

Pain cloaked it like a gray dusk without morn

The long and loveless winter took its callous toll

I weathered winds from eastward and their scorn

And then the currents faltered and sweetly broke the dawn

And frozen lashes fluttered in disconcerting sun

A warming hand took my hand as the sky turned gold and blue

We stood laved in sunrise and twilight's presence was withdrawn

Walking in the gloaming you brought a candle flame

Looked on me with clear eyes and spoke my truest name

I could not but answer, could not but take you to my heart

Embrace and make you welcome and your soul sustain

Bright as any beacon your piercing spirit shines

You're the star of morning on the far horizon's line

And the constellation my fingers know by touch

Center of my ardor, incandescent, peerless, mine.

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