• Michaela

More than Atlas

Encased beneath your freckled skin

Stretches a universe full of wonders

We wake. I look into your eyes

Nebulas entrancing my depths

And you draw me to rest my head

On your stomach

Cavernous with black hole hunger

That echoes through with

Supernova-star birth-supernova

The fastest protostellar cloud in all creation.

Planets trail down your back

My fingers follow them into hair

Covering a supercluster always erupting,

Strewing life through the rest

They search across shoulder bulging

With galaxies, down arms along which

Are strung taut solar winds

Bearing heavy metals down to fruition

And your hands hold the world.

I am caught in your well,

Ensnared by this orbit, this gravity

Your thousand moons and your

Squintillion suns

Enthralling me to desire a




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