• Michaela

Me Too

The movement isn't over because there's too much left to do

The fact you want it buried means you're part of the damn issue

With your voices raised in judgment against women you don't know

Claiming to follow a dead man who dared you to strike these very blows

Your callousness is not love of any kind, neither tough nor gentle

It's a shame you wield it while under your own guilt heavy-mantled

You revile the hearts of those your book tells you to show mercy

You stand scornful, stones in hand, geared up for controversy

I did not report because being drugged put me in a fog

I thought it was my fault, that I had caved and not been strong

And when I sought salvation was told how I'd done wrong

Was mocked for owning my story and told I don't belong

And I have grown and healed and my heart is full of hope

Hard to kill a fairy tale, but its followers gave me enough rope

For the fantasy to die and for me to reclaim my soul

And I am well along my way to becoming truly free and whole

So let their names molder in the sun with abandoned stones and chains

And I'll walk under starlight and take up my sword again

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