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Which side of the story did you read first?

Commiserate with the plight of the prisoner

Before learning of his crime?

I absorbed his story, the words spun into

Sugar tangles; a poignant, poisoned tale

That showed me his humanity.

But it turns to ash when I follow the link

Find another perspective, the reason

For his situation, and the crystals dissolving

Taste of bitter almonds, burn my heart

How caustic the death throes of my compassion!

It is contentious: writhing, decaying, sprouting

A tree of remembrance and recognition

For the girl whose life he robbed

One of the host of women demanding justice

And that granted coldly, no comfort for the dead.

For her loved and loving ones

Whose aching at least has knowledge of

A sentence handed down, a life for a life.

And still, a branch for him.

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