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Left-Handed Bill: Chapter the First

Young William was new to town

He wore not the hardened frown

Of regulars at the saloon

He sauntered breezily through the doors

Past outlaws, bandits, townsmen, whores,

To wet his whistle at high noon

As he traded cartridge for whiskey dram

Their hackles rose, they stood as one man

And our Bill lowered his glass

Menacing loomed the crowd behind him

Feet planted firmly, hands on holsters,

Bill whirled quick as a flash

His long, light, coat flared 'round his ankles

'Pon the floor shells prolific jangled

His foes fell swift about him

Soon, Bill stood in the tavern's shambles

Second shot downed, then out he ambled

His bearing fell and grim

Easily his Bull Dog he holstered

Flipped through his sheaf of wanted posters

And sauntered to the bank

Then, sting successful and duly paid for,

Our boy Bill hopped down to shore

Chose a ship and named her "Gwawr"

Cast off to make a voyage far

Ran into a storm, and sank.

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