• Michaela

Joy Breaking Early

4 a.m. rising at my body clock's alarm

I take myself away to the other room,

To quiet. Light. Bunny snuggles, solitude

And browsing early morning Instagram.

It's like visiting a summer home might be:

I walk down a street both familiar and strange

Marvel at storefronts, at front yards kept neat,

At the constants and the things three seasons have changed.

And I am moved.

Brought back to myself in this wee, cold, winter hour

With an onslaught of joy, returning, swelling

To pour down my cheeks, water the smile that flowers

Cracks my very heart in two,

Presses and recasts it

Whole and shining and new

Burnished bright to reflect, by reflecting upon

Chance meetings in glass houses

And a day I didn't know when it dawned

Would be the hinge pin for all those that followed

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