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  • Michaela

Firework Freak

In case you didn't already know I've felt like this my whole life And I realize it doesn't show But that doesn't mean it isn't truth

My brain is weird and I am strange

For too long I've tried to change

You think I don't understand? You think any of this was planned? Did I want my heart to break

Every night and every day

For 7, 13, 19, 29 years?

Did I not want to cultivate

More laughter than there were tears? You'd rather I be silent Full of all I never had But what I have are words And a heart mended enough times

To hold them all, the bounty of them

Grains of powder in barrels and crates. So light the match and watch in wonder.

There is so much light and thunder.

Sit down And take in the display.

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