• Michaela


It's funny

Those in my life who've made me outcast

Likely walk their days thinking of God's will

And don't hold themselves accountable for

Their lack of love, their faithlessness in following

The greatest calling of their creed.

It seems with ease they have put away from their minds

All the reaching my drowning arms tired of,

My salt-stained lips and red-rimmed eyes,

The ocean I loved battering me over again,

Lifted on a swell only to be dashed.

Yes, it has been a simple thing for their

Throats to be stopped up. For them to

Live as children of earth, swallowing the seeds

They are meant to fling.

Too easily offended, those who claim to be of grace,

I was lost to their priorities, the lies they tell

In actions neglectful, careless, slanderous

Compared to the words they sing

And swallow.

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