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Discarding Fears

Born into destruction and handed my reigns before

I knew right from left, I still find signals blurry

"This" meant "that", and my lexicon is lacking

And when the pain of others spills over their bounds

Or when, through misunderstanding, they tell me

They are on a path they do not know

I lose my compass. The map I drew so carefully swims in clouded eyes

And I fear I'll tumble out of the world again. How can I keep all I love from slipping?

My hands, my hands! Whose are they?

They tremble and I drop the reigns,

Spinning in a wind I cannot quiet

And I fear the strength in them will not suffice

To hold, hold fast,

Hold hard!

I am brought up short.

I come up short... Steady, steady The lights burn in the belfry

And the moon stands witness for all.

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