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Dear John (Tolkien)

Dear John

I have been dying to tell you

How I admire your work, your life,

How I want to emulate your way of sailing

Of mounting each wave

In your box brain where the ships are swans

And it all comes back to


How you make of the trials peanuts,

Something quickly gone and mindless

That just happens...

And still the rain falls on green things and

All will grow, as the clock is wound

For coming days, for the times

Which we must rise into

Gripping until our fingernails ache

On hands interlaced in the knowledge

We'll get through this together

Cottoning on to real camaraderie

Even as we stand alone in

A world spinning while we watch

Like a video directed by wind

Blowing hard to clear the

Dust from all our eyes, to quicken

Blood flowing through our veins

As the sap awakens in spring-budded trees

Where birds are trilling,

Before they soar into skies

With cloud-foam horses

Where our dreams ride forth

To dawn

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