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My basket is full, filled, flowering, A rooted spark blooming bright Amidst hawthorn blossoms White as a bridal veil And I wind about the tree Like ribbons 'round a pole Weaving life within my body And conjuring a soul Begun when I leapt the fire A fortnight past Imbolc Dazed by time swirling in spring skies And an ash moon waxing in the smoke Crowning me queen of May But why the cold? Why the cold?

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I got a nosebleed considering a TikTok about spanking. Telling me to make a mistake So I can learn new things, spread my wings, Set myself free into the privilege of trying. And all at once I was back

Just a squiggle, just a speck, Proceed orderly through the wreck Through mire and light, more or less, The silly mystery we term "life" I multiply all the good given A short span to do a lot of livin

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